Just came back from NYC. Got to hang out with Sharon from Forum showroom, one of the lovely homes to c+b. She took us everywhere anyone who loves fashion should go! Got to shop a lot of cool stores with her. My favorite store by far was Big Drop NYC. They had a variety of the hottest clothing pieces and designers. Usually I am not a fan of every product a store sells but at Big Drop they had sooo much I was obsessing over it was ridiculous. Most definitely the place to shop at when you are in NYC! Sharon also took us out for lunch at a restaurant that had Mark Ruffalo’s cute face sitting in the booth next to us. Thanks Sharon! I love NYC!! Even so, glad to be back home in L.A and back to working on the next season of c+b. So many ideas, so little time.

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!


Moore dress @ Forum showroom NYC

Central Park

A drawing of Heather and I in Times Square.